With in the development of the Rowing Series I have produced drawings to run along side my research. When I first started my degree I found the concept of sketching out my ideas difficult, as I have always worked out designs and technical issues in my head, so with doing these drawings I have been forced to get things down on paper which has done me the world of good  firstly its frees you up and even if you don't actually make that piece you've drawen, it is there on paper for the future and secondly there comes a time when you're unable to remember everything!!!!.

Boat series_sketches__5    Boat series_sketches__3  Boat series_sketches__4

Boat series_sketches__9    Boat series_sketches__14  Boat series_sketches__10

Boat series_sketches__1    Boat series_sketches__11    Boat series_sketches__20

Boat series_sketches__17    Boat series_sketches__18    Boat series_sketches__16  

Boat series_sketches__12    Boat series_sketches__15    Boat series_sketches__19 

Photography By Valerie Price-West