Since finishing my Degree I didn't want to not be learning a new technique with in art and so in September 2012 I enrolled with Twyi Printers. I really loved my new found skill in being able to draw animals and am now able to experiment using drawing in a different way. I go over to Llandeilo once a fortnight for 3hours. Not only is it great fun, it is really nice to meet up with likeminded people, their a great bunch. The tutor Alan Williams is fantastic and so passionate about the art of printmaking he really is a joy to be tutored by. 
The work-shops usually run on a 6 week cycle, with a different technic each time. The techniques with in printing is endless with each print being its own little gem. As it doesn't matter how hard you try no two prints will ever be alike. But that is the beauty of them.

Title 'Ben '
Technique - Collagraph 
ben 45   ben 2   ben 1
Ben                                                                                   The Collagraph Plate
ben 4   ben 5   ben 3
First print which is not quite what I want but its coming
Image Size  H27cm x W20

Title 'Pokey'
Technique - Monotype printing
 p 48    p 1   p 10
Pokey                                                                  The image on a piece of perspex                               First Colour 
 p 9     p 8
Second Colour. These are 3 different pieces which are still in the process of being worked on 
Image Size H20cm x W20cm

Title  'Pokey'
Technique - Collagraph
'p 45   p 4   p 3
Pokey                                                                             The Collagraph Plate
 p 6     p 7
The Print
Image Size H25cm x W21cm

Title  'Pokey and Ti'
Technique - Lino Cut
ti p 1    p t2    p t 2
Pokey and Ti                                                            The Lino 
p t 3     p t 1   Pokey and Ti 1a
                                                                             First Colour                                                       The finished print with it's second colour
                                                                                                                                                                                                Image Size H20.5cm x W30cm

 Title  'Ti'
Technique - Reduction using mount board
ti 35    t 7    t4
Ti                                                                            The Reduction Plate
t 5     t 4      t 3
The first colour was the yellow                                         Second colour the Red
t 2          t 1
Third and last colour navy blue
Image Size H21cm x W30.5

Below are 3 pieces I had framed for the Twyi Print exhibition in the Chate Room at King Street Gallery Carmarthen 1st - 30th March 2013
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