December 2013 - January 2014 I was one of about 10 exhibitors taking part in an exhibition at the Swansea Grand Theatre organised by Carmarthenshire Artist Network. This is my 3rd exhibition with the group, set up to get local likeminded graduates together. All the exhibitions organised by CAN are themed, which is great fun as its making you look and research other avenues to produce a new body of work.

The main reason for taking up the challenge of a 3 yr degree in Ceramics was to gain knowledge within figurative ceramics. In my second year I took up rowing Celtic long boats at New Quay Cardiganshire which enabled me to produce a body of work encompassing everything I experienced and felt whilst rowing with a great bunch of people and especially being part of a fantastic team called 'The Wild One's'.

So my want of getting into figurative ceramics was put on hold. Taking part in these themed exhibitions has helped me to start experimenting in the figurative side, so hopefully these clowns are the start of a new journey.


Wall Mounted Seated Clown Series


web Seated Clowns  1          web Seated Clowns  2   
Wall Mounted Seated Clown I                                                                           Wall Mounted Seated Clown II                                                                                                      
  web Seated Clowns  3          web Seated Clowns  4            
  Wall Mounted Seated Clown III                                                                               Wall Mounted Seated Clown IIII
web Seated Pinocchio
Wall Mounted Seated Pinocchio