I make ceramic sculptures that feature combined figurative and abstract elements expressing personal poetic narratives. The work displays complex and seductive surfaces inspired by both seascapes and landscape.

Whether I'm out there rowing, long distance walking or riding my horses, I observe my surroundings and feel part of it. Wales has extreme and compelling terrains that are both beautiful and challenging. I try to capture this in my sculptures which themselves have been technically challenging to make’

The sculptures aim to capture the thrilling exhilaration of rowing through waves, the driving energy required to race as part of a team pitched against the un-predictable wild natural world.



Truly Sublime II 


72 web VPW Ceramics-028    72 web VPW Ceramics-032

72 web VPW Ceramics-033    72 web VPW Ceramics-029


Push to Full Power


72 web VPW Ceramics-005   72 web VPW Ceramics-007


                               H27" x W13"  (H68.7cm x W33cm)

                          Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


 Words by Valerie Price-West

Push to full power eating up the water ahead, for the first 100meters all is well
then the pain starts your muscles are screaming telling you to stop
you keep focused trying desperately, to not think of the pain.
telling yourself it will soon be over until the next time



Stomach Churning



 72 web VPW Ceramics-012      72 web VPW Ceramics-014



                              H25" x W13.5"  (H63.5cm x W34.3cm)

                         Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper



 Forget about the Heat


forget about the heat a   forget about the heat


forget about the heat b


                                         H27" x W13"  (H68.7cm x W33cm)

                          Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


NoI Words by Valerie Price-West

Forget about the heat forget about the pain heartbeat pounding determination concentration
don't forget to breath eight legs, eight arms, four hearts working together. Every stroke equal
keeping it together don't think about your thirst, not long now and it will soon be over


No III  Words by Valerie Price-West

Here come the Llangum girls work as a team, work like machines
Warriors of the sea power, strength, determination
rowing in time like a pendulum focused, have what it takes
to keep it together forging a special bond



Striving to Achieve I


striving to achieve i   striving to achieve i a


striving to achieve i b   striving to achieve i c


                                          H23" x W14"  (H58.4cm x W35.6cm)

                          Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


Words written and kindly donated by Chris Haines of Aberystwyth Rowing Club

"Its striving to achieve that state where things just happen. It's the pursuit of that elusive, all-too-rare 'zen-like' state.
Where eight feet, eight arms work as one. Where five people, act with one mind, in harmony with each other, where no
words are needed. Where four oars catch, drive, release, return. Flowing, over-and-over-and-over – giving it all, together
in unison. One boat, one team, immune to the pain, kindred spirits. Victorious.

And in that moment.... it's the belief, the knowledge, the emotion... unbeatable, indestructible, immortal
It's the doubt, the uncertainty... The ecstasy of winning, the pain of losing. The joy of taking part, the disappointment, the glory...
...and knowing that we'll come back and do it all again next time."



Pull with the Arms 


pull with the arms a   pull with the arms


pull with the arms b


                                     H25" x W13.5"  (H63.5cm x W34.3cm)

                          Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


 Words by Valerie Price-West 

Pull with the arms keep focused, to the count of the cox to keep you together
Working like the pistons of a V8 engine, with a goal in mind and that is to WIN
Watch out for the buoy turns, pull the boat round use all your strength
a good buoy turn will win a race.





A Rhythm Takes Us


a rhythm takes us a    a rhythm takes us

a rhythm takes us b    a rhythm takes us d


                                      H25" x W13.5"  (H63.5cm x W34.3cm)

                         Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


No I Extract from a  Poem by M. Halyard

A rhythm takes us soon, and over the tops of little
hills we tumble To a moment's breath, and then we
rise again. Upon another shining wave, another
scramble, and another dip of the rail into the ocean.


No II  Words by Valerie Price-West

Heart beat bounding forearms bursting stomach churning blisters bursting
the sweat is running. Forget about the heat forget about the pain
eight legs, eight arms four hearts working together until the finish line.
Cutting through the water like a knife through butter.



 The View from my Seat was Truly Sublime I


the view from my seat was truly sublime i    the view from my seat was truly sublime i 2


the view from my seat was truly sublime i c    the view from my seat was truly sublime i b


                                            H24.5" x W16.5"  (H62.3cm x W42cm)

                              Stoneware, Engobes, Glaze, Decals, Copper


 Three Times Merrily 2011   Poem kindly written and donated by Sue Kent of Mumbles Rowing Club                                

I went to the rowing club to try out for Cox, the first time I went I just had to watch.
The sea was too rough for a novice they said, I sat in the bow and the waves wet my head

The crew had big arms and mine are quite small, but that did not matter not one bit at all.
They said come again when there's blue in the sky, when the sea is flat calm come out and try.

So I did in the sun we rowed round the bay, boat steered by me pulling ropes all the way.
Wearing full make up and black ski hat on, encouraging them "faster" and singing them songs.

We made a match then and created a team, Mumbles Sea Rowing all eager and keen.
Adrenalin Mike and caring calm Chris, Teresa “let's all be happy, that is my wish.”

After some practice but not very much, we went for a race to put me in touch.
With coxing a team of competitive blokes, four men in a boat one of them stroke.

I try to stay calm but was as nervous as hell, checking the currents the height of the swell.
Out to the start line to jostle for placing, before I was ready the boats started racing.

I went round the first buoy and made a mistake, misjudging the speed and the skill that it takes.
In to the back of the slow boat in front, the bow of our vessel bearing the brunt

We wanted to win my language was blue, I ran out of polite words and beasted the crew.
From my mouth the lashings whipped out, "Row you f***ers" was all I could shout.

Nearly all in and my head in a whirl, "Come on now boys we can beat the Black Pearl."
"Row Mumbles Men pick up some speed," the oars cut the waves with rhythm and ease.

Our shoreline support team came in to view, cheering and filming as the finish horn blew. 
Four big biceped men all rowing in time, the view from my seat was truly sublime.


Rowing Series I
1 rowing series i    1 rowing series ia
                                     H16" x W12" (H40.8cm x W30.5cm)
                               Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze, Oxides, Copper

Rowing Series II
1 rowing series ii            1 rowing series ii a
                                H12" x W10" (H 30.5cm x W25.4cm)
                                      Stoneware, Oxides, Copper 

Photography by Gina Hughes