Since 2009 I have wanted to do a piece or a collection of work in honour of a great little horse I sadly had to put down. He was a pure breed stallion called Celtic Shadow who I met a good 20 years ago when we were looking at one of his off spring. Over the years that followed we bought 5 of his off spring and then managed to buy him. I think the world of all our horses but Celti was very, very special, we always felt honoured to have him living with us and everyone who met him were struck by his whole being .

I have been part of a group called Carmarthenshire Artist Network over the lastfew years who try to meet every other Monday in term between September and June. They try organizing a couple of themed exhibitions a year which are great as it takes you away from what you’re making. The exhibition that took place this year (2014) at Y Gat, St Clears, Carmarthen was titled War and Peace, this started the ball rolling to get some pieces relating to the horses during the first world war. Over Christmas 2013 I started to muck about trying to make horses and work out how I wanted to portray them. This also spurred me into making pieces about Celti and my relationship with him which, I’m sure will relate to many people who have horses whom they have developed a special relationship with.

The first section of this page has the Letting Go Series and then The War Horse Series all the poems/words on the pieces are by me please excuse the bad grammar and any spelling errors.

At the bottom is one of the pieces I did whilst doing my Degree. It is part of my Premarin collection relating to the controversial HRT drug given to women when going through the menopause. The pieces I have made relate to how the horses are kept in order to obtain the urine needed to produce the Premarin tablet.


 May 2017

Finally updating with image of my recent pieces which include my 'Let the Fun Begin' series

Let the Fun Begin Series
My horses and masked riders are the guardians of all things pure and simple,
their spirits ride as one, think as one, they are in-tune with one and other.
They roam the lands and forests and sweep across the oceans, playing mischief to
those who do wrong, who threaten the innocence, fun, happiness and laughter of
all things good.


 Let the Fun Begin - The Ram


Valerie Price West 37    Valerie Price West 45


Valerie Price West 40   Valerie Price West 38    



Let the Fun Begin- The Hare


Let the fun begin hare stood 2      Let the fun begin hare stood 1



Let the Fun Begin - The Wild Dog


Valerie Price West 94     Valerie Price West 98


Valerie Price West 95



Let the Fun Begin - The Bear 


Valerie Price West 46     Valerie Price West 53   


 Valerie Price West 48


Let the Fun Begin - THe Oryx


Valerie Price West 22 6 17 1    Valerie Price West 22 6 17 5


Valerie Price West 22 6 17 6    



Let the Fun Begin - The Oryx


Valerie Price West 101    Valerie Price West 103


Let the Fun Begin - The Crow


Valerie Price West 77      Valerie Price West 78


Let the Fun Begin - The Ram


Valerie Price West 108     Valerie Price West 111


Let the Fun Begin - The Buzzard


Valerie Price West 22 6 17 7     Valerie Price West 22 6 17 8


Valerie Price West 22 6 17 9


Let the Fun Begin - The Hare


Valerie Price West 22 6 17 14      Valerie Price West 22 6 17 18  

Valerie Price West 22 6 17 15   


For the Love of Horses - Pegasus


Valerie Price West Pegasus 3    Valerie Price West Pegasus 1


Valerie Price West Pegasus 2       Valerie Price West 5 




Let the Fun Begin - The Buzzard and the Fox

Let the Fun Begin Buzzard and the Fox 1       Let the Fun Begin Buzzard and the Fox 3


Let the Fun Begin Buzzard and the Fox 2     Let the Fun Begin Buzzard and the Fox 4  




Pieces drying ready for the first of 4 firings.

 Pieces before firing 1    Pieces before firing 2   Pieces before firing 3


Pieces before firing 4    Pieces before firing 5









 Letting Go Series
12a     12d
This piece is for Sasha who saddly was put down in April 2014 leaving his friend Tomocyon

Letting Go Series

Your mate of 15 + years - Together

you would Coax each other On -

Forever Testing - Pushing - Winding

each other Up - To see who is the

Fastest - The best -Did it matter -

No it was Fun -

It Made us laugh


1a  440 wi      1c  440 wide


Letting Go Series

You were always so Wise -

with the look of Wisdom

Written all over your

face - as though you’d

Been here before -  May

be once  - or even twice.


4b        4a
4d       4c

Letting Go series

You who would fly along

with The Wind at your Heals -

Eating up the Ground as though

this May be Your Last


9b       9d
 This piece is for Sasha who saddly was put down in April 2014 leaving his friend Tomocyon
H22"(56cm) X D6.5"(16.5cm) x W8.75"(22cm)

Letting Go Series

Your mate of many years tries

Coming to terms with his lose

Paces the fence line - Checking -

Waiting - Hoping - wishing - You

Will pop up somewhere - some

How - together for so Long -

Day In - Day Out - Eatting -

Sleeping - Sharing - Cajoling each

Other on - forever testing - pushing

Winding each other Up - Who was

the best - the Fastest - Did it matter

No it was fun it made us Laugh




3a      3c


3e        3d


Letting Go Series

We flow up the hill and

Along the tops - The

Excitement was like a

Drug to us both - You

And I - We would hunt

Down the competition

Eating up the distance -

Overtaking - I would

Smile - You would toss

Your head - No words

Were needed


13a       13b

Letting Go Series

He has gone – Like the ghosts

of dawn and the Spirits of

the sea – As it’s over the hill

Tops he will surely be.


14a      14b
This is one of 12 pieces that I first made when I was working out how I was going to make the horses as well as how I wanted them to look.

2a 440     2d 440
2e 440     2g 440w
 H24.25"(61cm) x D7.75"(19cm) X W8"(20cm)

War Horse Series

Lost Souls of War - Together

We worked as a team - Day In -

Day out - Keeping each other

Going - Trying to never let each

Other down - Even the continuous

Rain - the deep mud hindered

Our every move - eating away

At our souls - testing our

Very being - trying to wear

Us down physically and




11a      11c

H15.25"(38cm) x D7.25"(18.5) x W8.75"(22.5cm)

War Horse Series

Lost Souls of War

Maimed - Shot - Lacerated

Eviserated - loss of Limbs

Emaciated - left in Agony

To their own Fate

A slow death - One bullet

Would end the suffering

Lack of Human Compassion

Lack of Responsibility






10a      10c



War Horse Series

The lost Souls of war

Weighed down - the plight

Of the front line - The

Continuous toil - day In -

Day out - Mud - Rain - Rain

Mud - More Mud - More Rain

Taking its Toll - eating

Away at your Soul - Sapping

Away your Strength - Until

You can take No More



8a      8c


War Horse Series

Forgotten Souls off war –

No choice but to do what

was expected of them.


15e      15d
15b      15f
H24.25"(61cm) x D7.75"(19cm) X W8"(20cm)

War Horse Series

Lost Souls of War -

Together we overcame the struggle -

To keep Going - to Push on - one

Hoof in Front of the other - we

became good Friends - Together

we worked as a Team - Pulling with

all our Might - Day in - Day out

We would encourage each other on

When We felt we Could No longer

Go on - and for What - to Stand

Together in a Line - our lives taken -

No longer needed

6a    6d
 H20.25"(51.5cm) x D5.5"(14cm) x W7.75"(20cm)

War Horse Series

Forgotten Soul of the War

Many overcame the Struggle

To keep going - only to be

Finished by the Butchers

Knife - Lined up only to Witness

what your fate has in store -

Where was their

Victoria Cross


7a      7b
H13"(33cm) x D7.25"(18.5cm) x  W10.2"(25.2cm) 

War Horse Series

Eight million lost Souls -

Exhaustion -Disease - Rain -

Mud - took its Toll


"Premarin - Pregnant Mares Urine"
The controversial HRT Drug
Controversial for the side effects to some women, not for the inhumane way 70,000 plus pregnant mares were kept for up to 7 months of their pregnancy or that a majority of the by-product 'the foal', is slaughtered for human consumption.


Premarin Series I
H13" x W11"
White Stoneware, Porcelain Slip, Glaze, Decal, Iron Bars.

Photography by Gina Hughes